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Episode 127: Puresonic Outcasts: Steve (Guitars) & Luke (Bass) talk about bringing their brand of stoner rock/punk & metal to the masses.

June 24th, 2021

It was a pleasure to interview Steve (Guitars) & Luke (Bass) of Belfast based band Puresonic Outcasts. The band have just released a killer e.p called "Reflections on this Present Condition" and along with the two other members Martin (Vocals/Guitars) & Graham (Drums) are ready to bring their stoner infused punk/metal shows to a hungry audience! Frontman/guitarist Martin was born in Argentina and moved to Belfast a few years ago to form Puresonic Outcasts. His unique voice along with the blend of all the other members influences allow PSO to freely explore a wide range of styles yet compact it nicely into their new release "Reflections on this Present Condition". You can check them out in the final of Metal2themasses in Belfast on July 10th 2021. If you enjoyed the show please subscribe to the channel. Thank you. Richie.
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