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Episode 124: Brian Bowell (Worn Out), Clive Bolger (TASC), David Cleere (Bailer) and Dave Longan (Aponym) talk about the Metal Scene in Waterford.

June 3rd, 2021

We jump back in time with Clive Bolger (drummer of Tasc), Brian Bowell (bassist of Worn Out), Dave Cleere (bassist of Bailer) and Dave Longan (guitarist of Aponym) to discuss the Waterford Metal Scene that sprung up in the 80's right up to a few years ago. When I heard that Def Leppard played to a packed pub in Tramore before they flew off to Donnington, it certainly made me sit up. The Waterford music scene has a rich history of music/concerts but I always thought it was more dance orientated or favoured trad based bands. Clive Bolger grew up in the eighties and played drums with many bands along with getting support slots to Def Leppard and Mama's Boys. He was also a promoter in the city until he finally left for Madrid. Another musician and promoter was Dave Cleere who both played in The Great Ocean Divide and set up Murphfest. Brian also played in Dave's band, was involved with setting up gigs and was very active in the scene. Dave Longan, who grew up in Dungarvan gave us some interesting insights into the student culture and the role that the Central Arts played in hosting Metal gigs. We also discuss pirate Metal shows on the local radio, different festivals and try to figure out how the scene slowly finally fizzled out. It was great to sit in on this with the lads and if you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button. Thanks Richie.

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