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Episode 122: The Last Vinci. Alex(Guitars/Vox), Conal(Bass) & Brasko(Drums) talk about recording their new album over in Liverpool and future plans for their biggest release yet.

May 13th, 2021

Myself and Evan interview Alex (Guitars/Vox), Conal (Bass) & Brasko (Drums) of The Last Vinci. It was great to catch up Alex and Brasko both of whom travelled across to Liverpool to begin recording their newest album with Liverpool producer Tom Peters (who produced bands like Alpha Male Tea Party, Bicurious, God Alone, and many others). The lads were only a few days in the studio and we get a run down of what they've recorded so far. The bass parts were recorded in Cork as Conal was unable to travel. This was only one of the many obstacles the lads had to overcome to get to this stage of the process. The Last Vinci are working on something special and it could be their biggest release to date. Hope you enjoy the episode and please hit "SUBSCRIBE" to support more of these Podcasts. Thanks Richie.
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